After spending umpteen years doing graphics for 2000 AD – the galaxy’s greatest comic, and the genre fiction publishers Solaris, Ravenstone and Abaddon Books, I now work freelance as a comic artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and anything else that involves making things looks pretty (or vile, depending on the project…).

Currently drawing the ongoing comic book series Realm of The Damned with writer Alec Worley, designing the Judge Dredd Mega-Collection graphic novels, and working on a series of large scale oil paintings of classic cars, amongst other things.

I love good art, bad films, old cars, droney music, beer, books, and anything with swords or spaceships in it.

I’m open for commissions. Feel free to get in touch!

Infestinauts Are Go! Out Now!

For stomach upsets, future technology has developed the nano-robots called Intestinauts, which fight parasites and bacteria in the gut. When it comes to epidermal problems, however, you’re going to need the Infestinauts, locked and loaded to tackle all kinds of infectious bugs… Got a three part story running in 2000 AD at the minute! Out […]

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Realm of the Damned Signing

Tomorrow (15th Sept)! Alec Worley and I will be signing copies of the new Realm of the Damned graphic novel from 1pm at Forbidden Planet in London. Come along and get growled at by The Sons of Balaur! Buy a copy of the graphic novel here

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Coming Soon – Infestinauts!

Coming to 2000 AD Prog 2106… Infestinauts by Arthur Wyatt and me, featuring microscopic robots, aliens, car chases, love, loss, and hairy naked space dudes… This is the long-awaited (by me) sequel to Intestinauts, a 4-page Future Shock we did a few years ago about heroic robots fighting tapeworms in some unfortunate guys bowels. More details soon, […]

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