Realm of the Damned: Terror Aeternum OUT NOWWWW

The third (and final?) book of Realm of the Damned is on sale today!

I’ve been working on this book, and the previous 2 in the series on and off for the last 4-5 years, and it’s the project that allowed me to become a full time freelance artist, so even though I’m  glad its finally done, it does mean a lot to me. And this book is fucking mental. It starts with a 25 page car chase between an unknown victim and a pack of rabid werewolves through a warped post-apocalyptic landscape and goes off the rails from there… Featuring witch cults, werwolves, vampires, fish mutants, a colossal fleshy spider monster that looks like its made from ball bag skin, and more gruesome killin’s than you can count.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Damned is the ultra-violent, very sweary, blasphemous, black metal inspired supernatural horror comic I do with top dude Alec Worley. The First two books are called Tenebris Deos and Signum Draconis. 

You buy a copy from Amazon, or direct from the publisher



Minitruckin’ Takeover tshirt out now!


Drew this tee design for minitruckin’ Takeover last month, based on an absolutely ridiculous Ford Ranger – and its on sale now!

Available to buy here

Realm of the Damned book 3


The third (and final) book of Realm of the Damned is now up for preorder. I started drawing this one almost 2 years ago, so I’m really happy its finally out!

I’ll post some of the internal art closer to the release date, but for now here’s the cover art, with and without the design gumpf.


Primus screen prints coming next week

I’ll have a limited quantity of signed and numbered posters for sale in my shop from Primus’ gig in Omaha, NE on Nov 18 2019 next week. They’re 18×24″, 5 colour screen prints, and I’m mega-happy with how they turned out! On sale wednesday 28th Feb 2020, 5pm BST. I’ll post another link on the day, but if you want a preview now check it out here!

Infestinauts Are Go! Out Now!

For stomach upsets, future technology has developed the nano-robots called Intestinauts, which fight parasites and bacteria in the gut. When it comes to epidermal problems, however, you’re going to need the Infestinauts, locked and loaded to tackle all kinds of infectious bugs…

Got a three part story running in 2000 AD at the minute! Out now in 2000 AD Progs 2106-2108 – The final issue even has our guys on the cover! Written by Arthur Wyatt, drawn, coloured and lettered by me.

Here’s some previews of the internal art:

Realm of the Damned Signing

Tomorrow (15th Sept)! Alec Worley and I will be signing copies of the new Realm of the Damned graphic novel from 1pm at Forbidden Planet in London. Come along and get growled at by The Sons of Balaur!

Buy a copy of the graphic novel here

Coming Soon – Infestinauts!

Coming to 2000 AD Prog 2106… Infestinauts by Arthur Wyatt and me, featuring microscopic robots, aliens, car chases, love, loss, and hairy naked space dudes…

This is the long-awaited (by me) sequel to Intestinauts, a 4-page Future Shock we did a few years ago about heroic robots fighting tapeworms in some unfortunate guys bowels. More details soon, but in the meantime here’s some of the weird shit from the story, and sketch I drew for the initial pitch to Tharg!


Fallout 4 screen prints

Got artists proofs through today for my Fallout 4 screen print from Hero Complex Gallery. These photos don’t really do the fluorescent inks justice – the pink and yellow look amazing! Anyway: there’s a really limited number for sale now on my shop.

There’s also some still available direct from the gallery

Realm of the Damned 2 – out now!

On sale now from Amazon!

Been waiting for a long time for this one, as I finished it aaaaages ago, but finally: Realm of the Damned: Signum Draconis is out in the world! Written by Alec Worley and drawn by me, this is the second graphic novel in the Realm of the Damned series.


“Centuries before our world belonged to the damned, ATHENA PETROVA – vampire knight of Transylvania – fought and fed.

It is the early 15th century and Athena struggles to defend her ancestral home from the predations of the Ottoman Empire. When she learns that House Petrova has struck a fateful pact with the Church of Rome, the pagan vampire commits the ultimate blasphemy. Desperate to save her land and driven by demons of her own, Athena forges a living weapon with which she will rout the enemies of Transylvania.

But this is a weapon that cares for nothing but blood and butchery, and Athena may realise too late that she has started a fire that may consume both herself and the world.

SIGNUM DRACONIS is the eagerly awaited second instalment of REALM OF THE DAMNED, the bestselling graphic novel series that is taking the black metal underground by storm. This epic medieval prequel tears into the series’ bloody history, unleashing bizarre new monsters and yet more guest appearances from legends of the metal scene.

From baleful forests to demon-ravaged battlefields, REALM OF THE DAMNED: SIGNUM DRACONIS is a hallucinatory saga of bared blades and barbarism! Savage, atmospheric and doom-laden, it’s a fevered dream of black metal and gothic horror that will leave you as breathless as the dead.”


A few reviews, by excellent humans with impeccable taste: Mass Movement, Turnaround, Hero Collector